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MCCL's 50th anniversary celebration on June 7, 2018, brought together a large number of people who have helped to make MCCL a lifesaving organization for five decades. Here is our brief video of highlights from the event:












In 1968, a group of Minnesota Citizens who were Concerned for Life started an organization to resist the legalization of abortion and defend the right to life of unborn children and other vulnerable members of the human family.


This year marks MCCL's 50th anniversary!

We gathered on June 7 to celebrate what we have achieved over five decades—the citizens informed, the hearts and minds changed, the laws enacted, and the lives saved. Now we look ahead to more lifesaving opportunities in the future.


It's only because of you that MCCL exists. It's only because of the faithful support and efforts of thousands of compassionate Minnesotans that MCCL has survived and thrived for 50 years. It's only because of you that lives have been saved through our work.


You can also be part of our milestone year by contributing a special anniversary gift. And you can send us your own stories of involvement with MCCL and our pro-life work over the years.


Thank you for all that you do in defense of innocent human life!

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