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Update: The Minnesota House and Senate have both passed a bill to enshrine abortion-until-birth in Minnesota. 

Right now, lawmakers in St. Paul are quickly advancing multiple extreme pro-abortion bills. 

The Protect Reproductive Options (PRO) Act, H.F. 1/S.F. 1, would enshrine in Minnesota law a right to abort any baby for any reason at any time up to birth. It would deny protection even to unborn babies who are developed enough to feel excruciating pain. It would also deny parents the right to know when their minor daughter is subjected to abortion. The House passed the PRO Act on Jan. 19, and the Senate followed on Jan. 28. Learn more about H.F. 1/S.F. 1 here.

A related bill, H.F. 91/S.F. 70, has now passed through multiple committees. Appallingly, it would go even further than the PRO Act by repealing Minnesota's law that protects newborns who survive abortion from being left to die. Learn more about H.F. 91/S.F. 70 here.

Another bill, H.F. 289/S.F. 336, would gut Minnesota's Positive Alternatives program, potentially directing funds away from pregnancy care centers and toward other groups, including ones that promote abortion. 



You can help stop these extreme bills by contacting your state representative and state senator. Please do this right now! Tell your lawmakers to vote against abortion-until-birth and against repealing protection for newborn babies who survive abortion (H.F. 91/S.F. 70). 

Contact information for state representatives can be found here.

Contact information for state senators can be found here.

You can determine who your Minnesota House and Senate members are by typing in your address at this link. 

It is very important that every single pro-life Minnesotan contact their lawmakers, whether the lawmakers are pro-life or pro-abortion. They need to hear from you!

Thank you for helping to protect life!

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