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Tim Walz not right for MN governor

ST. PAUL — Rep. Tim Walz, who announced his run for governor this morning, has compiled an extreme voting record on abortion that places him far outside the mainstream of Minnesotans, according to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), the state's oldest and largest pro-life organization. "Rep. Walz has a long history of supporting the most radical legislative efforts to expand abortion," said MCCL Executive Director Scott Fischbach. "Minnesotans do not share his advocacy of brutal dismemberment abortion or the supposed right to abort an unborn child up to the day of birth." Walz has maintained a 100 percent pro-abortion voting record in the U.S. House of Representatives during his more than 10 years in Washington, D.C. Of the 44 votes scored by National Right to Life during his tenure, Walz sided with abortion advocates all 44 times. He has endorsed the abortion lobby's absolutism on abortion by voting against the protection of babies born alive in botched abortions, the protection from abortion of unborn children who are able to feel pain, a ban on taxpayer funded abortion, a ban on sex-selection abortions, and cutting off federal funds to Planned Parenthood. In addition, Walz has voted in favor of tax-subsidized abortion on demand for federal workers, the Obama health care bill requiring certain federal agencies to subsidize and administer health plans that cover abortion on demand, the use of congressionally appropriated funds for abortion on demand in Washington, D.C., and federal funding for embryo-destructive research. Walz is also a co-sponsor of sweeping abortion industry legislation to invalidate nearly all state and federal laws protecting unborn children and their mothers. H.R. 1322 would take down woman's right to know laws, waiting periods, and laws protecting pain-capable unborn children after 20 weeks, and would require states to allow abortion in the final three months of pregnancy. "Minnesota has labored under Walz's type of abortion extremism in the governor's office for the last eight years and the people don't want it anymore," Fischbach said. "It's time for a governor who respects children—all children, born and unborn." Thanks to pro-life efforts and legislation, abortion numbers have fallen nearly 50 percent from their peak, and abortions performed on minors are down 89 percent. Almost 90 pregnancy care centers across the state offer life-affirming abortion alternatives to women, as fewer and fewer surrender to the false belief that abortion is their only or best option for an unplanned pregnancy. "Abortion numbers would likely rise again if Walz got the policies he supports. That would be a tragedy for the women and children of Minnesota," Fischbach added.

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