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Positive Alternatives funding at stake as Minnesota legislative session nears end

The legislative session at the state Capitol in St. Paul is rapidly approaching the finish line. At stake is funding for a crucial program that supports pregnant and newly parenting women and their children.

Positive Alternatives, which MCCL helped enact in 2005, provides grants to life-affirming programs that offer practical support to pregnant and newly parenting women—so no one feels like abortion is the only option. More than 60,000 families have been supported through this grant program, according to an estimate by the Minnesota Department of Health.

But Gov. Tim Walz proposed a budget that cuts funding to Positive Alternatives by 25 percent ($850,000). That cut was then passed by the state House in its Health and Human Services omnibus spending bill. The Senate, however, passed a budget that not only maintains but slightly increases funding for Positive Alternatives.

If the cut in the House bill becomes law, an estimated 1,700 pregnant women and their unborn children would lose care each year.

The House and Senate bills will next be considered in conference committee. The fate of funding for Positive Alternatives is still uncertain.

It is very important that Positive Alternatives stays fully funded so that support and resources are made available to those in need. You can help protect Positive Alternatives funding by contacting Gov. Walz as well as your state representative and urging them to support full funding for the program.

Thank you for your commitment to unborn children and their mothers!


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