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students at pro-life youth camp

MCCL's youth camp 2015

MCCL provides a number of programs and events designed to educate and equip young people.


School and church presentations: MCCL speakers give pro-life presentations to public and private high school classes and church youth groups.


Student Day at the Capitol: This annual event offers students a day of pro-life education and lobbying at the state Capitol.


Life Leadership Camp: MCCL conducts a pro-life summer camp for high school students.


Essay + Oratory Contests: The annual essay and oratory contests invite students to prepare a compelling pro-life essay or speech.


At Every Stage’ curriculum: MCCL's pro-life textbook is appropriate for high school students as well as adults.


Children's coloring books: MCCL provides a pro-life coloring book for small children.

Internships: MCCL's internship program offers college students professional experience in the pro-life movement. Contact MCCL to see if an internship is available.

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