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The 2024 MCCL March for Life will take place at noon on Monday, Jan. 22, 2024 at the state Capitol in St. Paul. It will be followed at 12:30 with a program on the Capitol steps.

MCCL’s annual March for Life on Jan. 22 will take on a renewed importance next year—and we need as many pro-life Minnesotans there as possible! 

The event, held each year at the Minnesota Capitol on the anniversary of the legalization of abortion, commemorates the unborn lives lost and the women and men who have been wounded. But the 2024 March comes after extreme action taken by lawmakers in St. Paul—including measures enshrining abortion-up-to-birth and repealing a right to lifesaving care for newborn babies—as well as a dramatic rise in abortions in our state.

In the wake of this devastation, MCCL’s “Save the 12,000” campaign will traverse the state throughout the fall and into the winter. And it will all lead into the March for Life on Jan. 22 at the Capitol in St. Paul. There, at noon on the steps of the Capitol building, our March for Life program will rivet the public’s attention to the 12,000 unborn lives lost last year, and it will do so in a tangible, unforgettable way. 

The March will motivate and energize pro-life Minnesotans ahead of a huge year for the pro-life movement in Minnesota. But it will also serve as a powerful commemoration of the unborn to the public and to elected officials at the Capitol. 

Please mark your calendar now! Ignore the forecast and make every effort to be at the March for Life with us in person—and to bring others with you. You will want to say you were there on this day! 


More information about the March, including promotional posters, will be available soon on this page. 

Read about and view photos from the 2023 March. You can also see pictures from the 202220202019. 201820172016, 2015, and 2014 Marches, and view archival photographs from almost five decades of the March.

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