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Education is crucial to the protection of human life. MCCL provides a wealth of educational materials—from news releases and brochures to fetal models and billboards.

News releases: See MCCL's take on the latest news and issues.

MCCL News: MCCL's newspaper—published five times per year—is full of information about pro-life news, events, legislation, and more. 

Blog: The MCCL blog offers news, commentary, and analysis from a pro-life perspective.

Educational literature: View or order our brochures, fliers, and other informational materials about right-to-life issues.


Display and promotional materials: MCCL has fetal models, backdrops, and other resources for booths and displays.


Posters and billboards: MCCL offers a variety of pro-life posters and larger billboards.


Pregnancy and post-abortion help: Here are resources for those facing an unexpected or difficult pregnancy, and those who have experienced abortion.

Social media: Connect with MCCL on social media and follow us for daily updates.


“Last spring when I learned that my daughter was pregnant, I called you to request literature for her six-year-old son. You graciously sent appropriate material for a child that age to understand. I appreciate that so much.”

Patricia, St. Paul

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