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who we are

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Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) is Minnesota's oldest and largest pro-life organization. MCCL defends the equal dignity and right to life of every member of the human family—including unborn children, pregnant women, and persons who are elderly, sick, and disabled—and opposes the killing of innocent human beings through abortion, infanticide, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and embryo-destructive research.


The mission of MCCL is to secure protection for innocent human life from conception until natural death through effective education, legislation, and political action.


MCCL is a non-profit, non-partisan, non-sectarian organization. Founded in 1968 by a small group of citizens concerned about the effort to legalize abortion in Minnesota, MCCL has grown to include 70,000 members and 200 chapters across the state. MCCL is the Minnesota affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.



MCCL works to educate the public, organize pro-life citizens into a powerful, unified voice, and motivate this grassroots force into action at the Legislature.


MCCL educates through pro-life literature, news releases, speaking presentations, booths and displays, MCCL News, social media and traditional media, events like Student Day at the Capitol and the Fall Tour, and much more. Individual MCCL chapters organize county fair booths, promote events, and pursue other pro-life activities at the local level. MCCL's Global Outreach program defends life in the international arena. 


MCCL participates in the legislative process by shaping model pro-life legislation and lobbying elected officials to support pro-life bills and oppose anti-life measures. Through the efforts of MCCL lobbyists and grassroots pro-lifers, many pro-life bills have become law in Minnesota, and these laws have helped reduce the number of abortions. MCCL events like the March for Life and Legislative Dinner raise awareness and generate support for pro-life legislative initiatives.


MCCL's two political action committees (PACs) actively support pro-life candidates for public office. The MCCL State PAC helps to elect state-level candidates; the MCCL Federal PAC helps elect candidates for federal office. The success of pro-life candidates is necessary to enact pro-life laws and policies. (Funds for PACs are raised separately from other MCCL funds.)



Through the work of MCCL and its supporters, many citizens have been informed and persuaded, many laws have been enacted, many pregnant women have received support and assistance—and the incidence of abortion has dropped significantly. But abortion remains the leading cause of human death and the premier injustice in Minnesota today, and the threat of assisted suicide is now at our doorstep. Much more work remains to be done.


You can join our efforts to protect the most vulnerable by becoming a member of MCCL and learning what you can do to make a difference. Our members are the foundation of MCCL. None of our work is possible without the continuing support of pro-life Minnesotans.

Together, as Minnesota citizens who are concerned for life, we can save lives.

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