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African American woman at MCCL State Fair booth

MCCL relies on faithful pro-life volunteers for many of our activities. If you would like to participate in this important work, here are some volunteer opportunities.


County fairs


Volunteers staff the MCCL booths at county fairs across the state each summer. Consider volunteering for a shift at your local fair.

Volunteers at MCCL's State Fair booth

State Fair


Volunteers staff the MCCL booth at the State Fair at the end of the summer. Each volunteer shift is four hours. 

Electrician, Plumber

MCCL occasionally needs electrical and plumbing work done in our south Minneapolis office. Please let us know if you are willing to volunteer your skills in these areas.

Office work


Some volunteers help with office tasks (mailings and more) at the MCCL office.


MCCL is looking for volunteers to help translate English-language pro-life documents into Spanish and French. This work can be done from home using a computer that has email and Microsoft Word.




MCCL offers internships to college students. Learn more about internships on our employment page

Contact MCCL if you would like to participate in one or more of these opportunities.

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