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MCCL produces many educational brochures, fliers, and other materials about right-to-life issues. A number of them are posted below; click on them to view and print. You may order these and other materials by contacting MCCL. For MCCL Global Outreach (GO) brochures, visit the GO website.



Recent materials


Minnesota's extreme abortion policy (flier)

Minnesota abortion statistics/U.S. abortion statistics (flier) 

The dangers of chemical abortions (flier)

Planned Parenthood: Abortion. Money. Politics. Scandal. (flier, legal size)

Oppose the legalization of assisted suicide (English/Spanish flier)

Why pro-life? The case for inclusion (flier)

Other materials


Pregnant? Need help? (brochure) | Spanish version


Life Before Birth (flier) | Spanish version


How abortion hurts women (brochure) | Spanish | French


Stem cell research & human cloning (brochure)


Assisted suicide and contagion: How assisted suicide advocacy and legalization threatens the lives of vulnerable people (white paper)


At Every Stage: A pro-life study for youth and adults (textbook)

MCCL: Who are are and what we do

Taxpayer funding of abortion in Minnesota: Why this growing practice harms women, children and taxpayers (brochure)

Protect women: The importance of licensing and inspecting Minnesota’s abortion centers (brochure) | Spanish version


Pro-life laws save lives (brochure)

Kids' materials

Kids' science quiz

"My Mom and Me" pro-life activity book

Come see me in the womb

Can you guess?

Crossword puzzle

Pro-life origami hand game



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