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Unborn babies can feel pain billboard

One easy way to keep the message of life at the forefront in your community is by placing an MCCL billboard on your property. MCCL offers a number of powerful pro-life designs that spotlight the humanity and value of unborn children. 

Our standard sign is 4 by 8 feet and made of durable, corrugated plastic. The price is approximately $90 for a single-sided sign, and $135 for a double-sided sign. Each sign can comes with stakes to secure it in the ground; alternatively, some people mount it onto a 4 by 8 sheet of plywood for superior strength.

If you are interested in ordering a pro-life billboard, check out our sign design options below and contact MCCL to order or to receive more information. If you have an existing sign that needs replacement, please contact us to order a new one.

All humans web.png
abortion stops a beating heart billboard
Save the Unborn MCCL billboard
Protect Life billboard
Unborn babies are human beings billboard
Save lives stop abortion billboard
Protect Life MCCL billboard
Human life respect it protect it billboard
MCCL fetal pain billboard
Fetal pain billboard
unborn babies can feel pain sign
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