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Session ends with full Positive Alternatives funding, no significant abortion-law changes

The 2019 Minnesota legislative session came to an end last week with no significant changes relating to the protection of human life. While major new pro-life measures did not become law, neither did attempts to undermine existing pro-life protections.

The House had passed a budget that cut 25 percent of the funding for Minnesota's Positive Alternatives program, which provides grants to life-affirming programs that offer practical support to pregnant and newly parenting women. Fortunately, the final budget negotiated between the House and Senate preserved full funding for the program. This is an important victory for women and their families.

Two MCCL-backed pro-life bills advanced through the Senate but failed to become law. One would ensure that abortion-seeking women are offered the chance to see their ultrasound. The other would protect pain-capable unborn children by prohibiting abortion after 20 weeks post-fertilization, when scientific evidence shows unborn children can experience pain.

Meanwhile, some harmful bills, including a bill to repeal Minnesota's Woman’s Right to Know informed consent law and a bill to legalize assisted suicide, also failed to advance this year.

Learn more about MCCL's work at the Legislature to protect the right to life of unborn children and other vulnerable members of the human family.


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