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The Positive Alternatives Act (2005) created a grant program within the Minnesota Department of Health for life-affirming organizations offering support to pregnant women. $3.357 million is now available annually through a competitive grant application process. The first Positive Alternatives grants were awarded in July 2006 to more than 30 organizations across the state.


The grants are available to life-affirming organizations that provide direct care to pregnant women and their unborn children through counseling and supportive services. Organizations are also expected to provide continuing assistance after the child is born. Participating programs and organizations receive money to provide, either by direct care or referral, information and services to women in the following areas:


  • Medical attention for the woman and the unborn child

  • Nutritional services

  • Housing assistance

  • Adoption services

  • Education and employment assistance

  • Child care assistance

  • Parenting education and support services

Since the bill's signing in 2005, tens of thousands of women and families have received help and assistance through the Positive Alternatives program. More information about the Positive Alternatives grant program, including grant applications, can be found at the Minnesota Department of Health.

Statistics show that women usually choose abortion for social or economic reasons. Many pregnant women lack emotional and practical support and feel like abortion is their only option. Minnesota's Positive Alternatives program exists to address these problems—so that no one feels like abortion is the only choice.

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