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Image by Garrett Cumber
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At a time when Minnesota faces rising abortions and increasingly extreme pro-abortion laws, MCCL’s new Center for a Pro-Life Minnesota aims to reawaken a pro-life culture in our state.

The Center, a special outreach arm of MCCL, will inform and persuade Minnesotans through events, presentations, traditional and social media, advertising, and more. The Center will also equip and activate pro-life Minnesotans and train them to engage in dialogue with others, make a compelling and gracious case for the unborn, and move hearts and minds toward life.

Through all of this essential work—and with the dedication of pro-lifers across the state—we can and will rebuild a pro-life Minnesota. Ours can and will be a state that cherishes every human life, that loves mothers in need, and that rejects the violence and destruction of abortion.


More information about MCCL's Center for a Pro-Life Minnesota will be made available in the coming weeks, along with ways pro-life Minnesotans can support the Center's efforts.

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