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young people holding pro-life signs

Click below to learn about MCCL's various events and programs.


March for Life: This annual event at the state Capitol marks the anniversary of the tragic Roe v. Wade decision.

Legislative Dinner: MCCL's biannual dinner brings together lawmakers and their pro-life constituents for an evening of pro-life education.

Save the 12,000: MCCL offers pro-life presentations to equip and empower pro-life citizens in cities and towns all across the state.

Booths and displays: MCCL has an educational presence at county fairs, the State Fair, and many other events.

Youth programs: MCCL's youth outreach includes Student Day, Life Leadership Camp, and the Essay and Oratory Contests.


Mother’s Day: Each year MCCL holds its Mother's Day Corsage Project, and also provides Mother's Day buttons and ads. 

Father’s Day: MCCL's Father's Day ads and buttons aim to recognize the importance of fathers. 

Speaking presentations: MCCL gives pro-life presentations at schools, churches, and other venues. 

Hispanos Por La Vida: This is MCCL's outreach to the Spanish-speaking community.

Minnesotans Against Assisted Suicide: This program is a coalition created to oppose the legalization of assisted suicide in Minnesota. 

Global Outreach: MCCL's Global Outreach program is accredited with the United Nations and works to defend life at the international level. 


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