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MCCL materials display

MCCL offers numerous materials that can be used for pro-life tables, booths, and displays (in addition to our brochures and fliers). You may order or borrow these materials by contacting MCCL.


  • Backdrop displays: MCCL’s backdrop displays are used for MCCL booths at fairs, conferences, and other events.

  • Fetal models: These are life-size plastic models of unborn children at various stages of prenatal development. They may be borrowed from the MCCL office.

  • “Young One” hand-held baby models: These are life-size rubber models of unborn children at 10-12 weeks that may be distributed at fairs or other events.

  • “Precious Feet” pins: These pins are the size and shape of the feet of an eight-week-old unborn child.

  • “Protect Life” bumper stickers

  • “Protect Life” balloons

  • “Thanks Mom for Life” and “Thanks Dad for Life” buttons

  • Pro-life videos: MCCL’s lending library includes prenatal development documentaries and other pro-life films.

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