MCCL offers numerous materials that can be used for pro-life tables, booths, and displays (in addition to our brochures and fliers). You may order or borrow these materials by contacting MCCL.


  • Backdrop displays: MCCL’s backdrop displays are used for MCCL booths at fairs, conferences, and other events.

  • Fetal models: These are life-size plastic models of unborn children at various stages of prenatal development. They may be borrowed from the MCCL office.

  • “Young One” hand-held baby models: These are life-size rubber models of unborn children at 10-12 weeks that may be distributed at fairs or other events.

  • “Precious Feet” pins: These pins are the size and shape of the feet of an eight-week-old unborn child.

  • “Protect Life” bumper stickers

  • “Protect Life” balloons

  • “Thanks Mom for Life” and “Thanks Dad for Life” buttons

  • Pro-life videos: MCCL’s lending library includes prenatal development documentaries and other pro-life films.

“Choose Life of North Alabama has used MCCL's "A Matter of Life and Death" DVD many times over the years to help save lives. Thank you for your efforts.”

Donna, Hunstville, Ala.

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