Thanks to all who supported and voted for pro-life candidates in 2018! We appreciate your commitment to making a difference for those who need protection.

MCCL's 2018 General Election Voter's Guide

(includes information about the candidates in all major races, including governor, state offices, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and Minnesota Legislature)


Article: Why we should vote for pro-life candidates

Race for Governor

Article: Tim Walz would bring uncompromising abortion extremism to the governor's office

Comparison flier: Jeff Johnson v. Tim Walz (back side of flier)

Comparison graphic: Jeff Johnson v. Tim Walz

Graphic: Tim Walz's voting record

Graphic: Tim Walz's abortion response in debate

Graphic: Tim Walz opposes protection for abortion survivors

Race for Attorney General

Article: Keith Ellison is running for attorney general pledging to oppose pro-life laws

Comparison flier: Doug Wardlow v. Keith Ellison (back side of flier)

Graphic: Keith Ellison's record and agenda

Graphic: Debate between Doug Wardlow and Keith Ellison

Race for U.S. Senate

Article: Tina Smith, former abortion industry executive, aims to keep Franken's U.S. Senate seat

Article: Karin Housley endorsed for U.S. Senate by three pro-life groups​​​

Comparison flier: Karin Housley v. Tina Smith, Jim Newberger v. Amy Klobuchar

Comparison graphic: Karin Housley v. Tina Smith

Graphic: Tina Smith's record at Planned Parenthood

Race for U.S. House: 1st District

Article: 'Clear difference' between Jim Hagedorn and Dan Feehan in congressional race

Comparison flier: Jim Hagedorn v. Dan Feehan

Race for U.S. House: 2nd District

Article: Where does Angie Craig stand on the right to life?

Comparison flier: Jason Lewis v. Angie Craig

Comparison graphic: Jason Lewis v. Angie Craig

Race for U.S. House: 3rd District

Article: Where does Dean Phillips stand on the right to life?

Comparison flier: Erik Paulsen v. Dean Phillips

Comparison graphic: Erik Paulsen v. Dean Phillips

Race for U.S. House: 8th District

Article: Pete Stauber and Joe Radinovich stake out sharply different positions on the right to life

Comparison flier: Pete Stauber v. Joe Radinovich


Judicial races

Many pro-life voters ask us about the positions of judicial candidates, but there isn't much we can tell them. Such candidates usually don't express opinions about abortion or about how they would rule in abortion-related cases. For more, see page 10 of our Voter's Guide.

More information

MCCL's political action committee endorsements in the major races can be found at the MCCL PAC website.

Learn more about voting—including how to register, where to vote, and who's on your ballot—at mnvotes.org.

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