MCCL's 2020 Pro-Life Voter's Guide

(includes information about candidates for president, U.S. Senate, U.S. House, Minnesota Senate, and Minnesota House)

Candidate comparison: U.S. President

(Donald Trump, Joe Biden)

Candidate comparison: U.S. Senate

(Jason Lewis, Tina Smith, Oliver Steinberg, Kevin O'Connor)

Article: Tina Smith's vote against protection for newborns who survive abortion

Candidate comparison: U.S. House District 1 

(Jim Hagedorn, Dan Feehan, Bill Rood)

Candidate comparison: U.S. House District 2 

(Tyler Kistner, Angie Craig, Adam Charles Weeks)

Candidate comparison: U.S. House District 3

(Kendall Qualls, Dean Phillips)

Article: The case for voting pro-life

Press release: MCCL responds to Collin Peterson campaign's claim about record on abortion


Information about voting in Minnesota
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