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2024 BILLS

The pro-abortion "Equal Rights Amendment" (ERA)

Legislators in 2024 are proposing a so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” to the state Constitution that Minnesotans would vote on in November of 2024 or 2026. The current proposal would enshrine a right to abortion up to birth in the Minnesota Constitution. It also removes protection for "creed," which puts the religious and conscience rights of Minnesotans in grave jeopardy, including the right not to be forced to participate in abortion.

Tell your legislators to VOTE NO on the dangerous ERA.

Learn more about the dangers of the ERA

Mandated abortion coverage

A health bill (H.F. 4053 / S.F. 3967) would require that every health insurance plan cover elective abortion. If the measure becomes law, Minnesotans would be forced to support abortion through their health insurance premiums. 

Tell your legislators to VOTE NO on the bill to mandate abortion coverage. 


Assisted suicide

The so-called "End-of-Life Option Act" (H.F. 1930 / S.F. 1813) would authorize a doctor to prescribe a lethal drug overdose in order for a patient to intentionally end his or her own life. This bill poses serious risks to members of our society.

Tell your legislators to VOTE NO on the bill to legalize assisted suicide.

Learn more about the dangers of assisted suicide

Take action now

Contact your state lawmakers hereor call your senator at 651-296-0504 and your representative at 651-296-2146.

Don't know who represents you? Find out here

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