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An attack on religious liberty and conscience rights: Urge your legislators to oppose the dangerous ERA

Update: The Minnesota legislature has failed to pass the ERA. Read more here.

Legislators in 2024 are proposing a so-called “Equal Rights Amendment” to the state Constitution (SF 37) that Minnesotans would vote on in November of 2024 or 2026. Proponents have added abortion and other language to the amendment so that it would:

  • Guarantee a right to abort any baby for any reason, at any time, right up to birth

  • Deny parents the right to know when their minor daughter undergoes an abortion—or other dangerous medical procedures

  • Enable sex traffickers to hide from parents and law enforcement and subject their victims to forced abortions

  • Make unlimited abortion the permanent law of the land in Minnesota—despite the harms to women and children

The current proposal, while adding unlimited abortion, has also removed protection for "creed." That puts the religious and conscience rights of Minnesotans in grave jeopardy, including the right not to be forced to participate in abortion or other activities to which one has a conscientious objection.

This isn't equality. The Equal Rights Amendment would deny rights to:

  • All living human beings who haven’t yet been born

  • Unborn babies who are developed enough to survive outside the womb

  • Unborn babies who are developed enough to feel excruciating pain

  • Parents of minor children

  • Taxpayers who don’t believe they should have to pay for abortions

  • People of faith

Tell your legislators to VOTE NO on the Equal Rights Abortion Amendment.

Contact your state lawmakers hereor call your senator at 651-296-0504 and your representative at 651-296-2146.

Don't know who represents you? Find out here

Watch and share our new ad about the proposed amendment.


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