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As Minnesota’s largest and most effective pro-life organization, MCCL works through education, legislation, and political action to promote respect and protection for unborn children and other vulnerable members of the human family. But none of our work is possible without the tens of thousands of pro-life citizens who support us. Membership is the foundation of MCCL.


A simple donation is all that is necessary to be an MCCL member. Members automatically receive a free subscription to MCCL News, which provides pro-life news and commentary and information about legislation, MCCL events, and more. Members may also receive updates and action alerts about key pro-life bills and important events. In addition, some members choose to get involved with a local MCCL chapter, pursue volunteer opportunities, or find other ways to make a difference as a pro-life citizen.


Our members are not only the financial base that enables all of our pro-life activities. They are also the grassroots force that advocates for pro-life legislation, attends pro-life events, educates local communities, and much more.


Remember, though, that only a simple donation is necessary to be part of this movement. We hope you will consider joining us by making a gift to MCCL today.


MCCL members defend unborn children
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