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  • Paul Stark

Let's end taxpayer funding of abortion in Minnesota

Minnesota taxpayers have bankrolled elective abortions for low-income women for more than two decades. But the problem is getting worse year after year.

In 2015, according to the Minnesota Department of Human Services, taxpayers reimbursed abortion practitioners $1.05 million for 4,218 abortions. That's the largest annual number of tax-funded abortions ever. And these abortions now make up a record-high 43 percent of all abortions in the state.

Public funding of abortion is harmful to women, children, and taxpayers.

In recent years (including this past spring), legislation to end public funding of elective abortion has passed through the state Legislature multiple times—only to be vetoed by the governor.

You can help stop abortion funding in Minnesota:

Together, we can finally enact this crucial effort to protect unborn children, their mothers, and Minnesota taxpayers.

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