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This election, get involved early: Attend your precinct caucus

General Election Day is on Nov. 8, but the truth is that crucial decisions will be made long before then. You can make a bigger difference for life by getting involved early in the political process. It all starts with the precinct caucuses on Tuesday, Feb. 1.

What are caucuses?

Precinct caucuses are local meetings run by political parties. Anyone may participate if they live in the precinct, are eligible to vote in 2022, and generally agree with the principles of the party hosting the meeting.

At your caucus, you will have the opportunity to select delegates who will then endorse state and federal candidates at future party conventions. Pro-life delegates are necessary in order for the party to endorse pro-life candidates!

By attending the caucus, you can support delegates who prioritize the protection and support of unborn children and their mothers. Better yet, you can be a delegate yourself! Becoming a delegate or alternate should be your top priority at your caucus.

Only a small percentage of citizens attend precinct caucuses, which means your participation can have a substantial impact on which candidates are endorsed—and, eventually, which public policies are enacted.

Proposing resolutions

Your caucus will also offer you the chance to propose resolutions that could later become part of your party’s platform. Changes to a platform, however, are very difficult to make.

If your party platform is not already pro-life, you may consider proposing resolutions if you think there is a chance of passage. Any caucus participant may propose a resolution; be sure to bring one or more print copies with you. If passed by the caucus, your resolution will be forwarded for consideration by the resolutions committee of the county or legislative district convention.

Here are two sample resolutions you may use:

“Be it resolved that we oppose the use of taxpayer funds to pay for elective abortion.”

“Be it resolved that we oppose all attempts to legalize assisted suicide in Minnesota.”

A huge opportunity

The 2022 elections are a huge opportunity for pro-life Minnesotans to make a lifesaving difference. But it begins with attending precinct caucuses on Feb. 1 and electing pro-life delegates!

You can find the location of your caucus on the Secretary of State’s website or by calling 1-877-600-VOTE (8683).


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