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2017 Abortion Report: Abortions in Minnesota rise again

ST. PAUL — The number of abortions in Minnesota increased in 2017 for the second consecutive year, according to data released today by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH). The 2017 total of 10,177 abortions is the highest since 2012.

"This recent increase is contrary to Minnesota's long-term trend of declining abortions," said Scott Fischbach, Executive Director of Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL). "Thanks to factors like pro-life education, ultrasounds, pregnancy care centers, and pro-life laws like Woman's Right to Know and Positive Alternatives, women are more likely to reject abortion today than in the past. But the slight rise over the last two years suggests that the abortion numbers are beginning to plateau."

Abortions have dropped in seven of the last 10 years and have fallen 26 percent since 2007 and 47 percent since 1980. But the abortion number has risen 3 percent since 2015. The abortion rate rose from 8.4 (abortions per 1,000 women of reproductive age) in 2015 to 8.7 in 2017.

Planned Parenthood, the industry leader, increased its abortion total in 2017 by 11 percent to a record-high 6,234. Abortions in 2017 at facilities other than Planned Parenthood actually declined by 10 percent compared to the previous year.

"Planned Parenthood manages to perform more and more abortions every year," said Fischbach. "Planned Parenthood's abortion business is working hard to keep abortion numbers much higher than they would otherwise be."

The Legislature has passed several MCCL-backed pro-life bills in recent years only to see them vetoed by Gov. Mark Dayton. They include legislation to end the taxpayer funding of abortion and a bill this year to ensure that women are given the chance to see their ultrasounds prior to abortion.

"Pro-life laws reduce abortions, help and empower women, and save the lives of unborn children," Fischbach said. "But to get more of these lifesaving measures enacted, we need a pro-life governor, and we need to maintain a pro-life Legislature."

MCCL will issue a more in-depth analysis of MDH’s 2017 Abortion Report later today.

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